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CSL Quad at Niles West

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Niles West High School
Sunny, 60's, light winds, Good Footing

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Team Scores


1Maine South3-0
2Glenbrook South2-1
3Niles North1-2
4Niles West0-3


1Maine South3-0
2Glenbrook South2-1
3Niles West1-2
4Niles North0-3


1Glenbrook South3-0
2Niles North2-1
3Niles West1-2
4Maine South0-3

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Photographer(s): Mr. Jortberg

Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Tommy Brady15:10.09Maine South
2Conor Perreault15:24.68Niles North
3Brandon Christopher15:25.09Maine South
4Patrick Holbrook15:58.34Niles West
5Ian Spears16:01.88Maine South
6Will Kelly16:07.42Glenbrook South
7Jordan Theriault16:15.34Glenbrook South
8Matt Jortberg16:20.16Glenbrook South
9Sirak Teclai16:22.87Niles North
10Carlos Aleman16:24.56Niles North
11Jake Mellema16:25.92Maine South
12Charlie Montgomery16:34.40Niles North
13Charlie Schultz16:38.60Glenbrook South
14Youel Andemichael16:44.72Niles North
15Austin Tauber16:56.90Maine South
16Will Houser16:57.71Glenbrook South
17Joey Kasch17:02.13Maine South
18Ian Dempsey17:05.36Maine South
19Aaron Brown17:06.61Niles North
20Nelson Fernandes17:07.56Niles North
21Joey Pauletto17:18.27Glenbrook South
22Dominic Chavez17:27.80Glenbrook South
23Daniel Cho17:37.09Glenbrook South
24Matt Schilling17:49.43Maine South
25Khush Patel17:49.86Niles North
26Seth Rizarri17:51.07Niles North
27Trevor Glancy17:51.80Niles West
28Neo Marin17:59.01Niles West
29Danilo Dobrilovic18:01.52Maine South
30Jonathan Butbul18:15.97Niles North
31Edward Romo18:24.94Maine South
32Andrew Jefferies18:35.25Niles North
33Kadin Camburn18:39.18Niles West
34Joey Patronik18:41.64Glenbrook South
35Finn Bauer18:48.47Maine South
36Adam Hauser18:50.37Maine South
37Jay Patel18:55.45Niles North
38Eugene Domingo19:01.28Niles North
39Max Gerber19:03.56PRGlenbrook South
40Nate Kotowski19:03.90Maine South
41Adam Majcher19:12.25Niles West
42Isaiah Iverson19:15.54Niles West
43Dennis Angelov19:17.80Niles West
44Robert Majcher19:21.29Niles West
45Nic Luna19:22.95Niles North
46Milkiyas Hailemariam19:30.50Niles West
47Max Battle19:30.70Niles North
48Lucas Rochester19:32.34Niles West
49Jordan Lynch19:40.77Glenbrook South
50Ali Chaudhry19:41.04Niles West
51Iyke George19:49.20Niles North
52Zach Schiffman19:50.25Glenbrook South
53Joseph Iovescu19:53.47Niles West
54Gabe Cohen19:56.88Niles West
55Aditya Bhalla19:57.94Glenbrook South
56George Wood19:58.76SRGlenbrook South
57Michael Tulsky20:01.03Niles West
58Darian Danciu20:07.37Maine South
59Neel Parikh20:21.83Niles North
60Anthony Maya20:22.85Niles West
61Jaison Jacob20:23.11Niles West
62Benjamin Rubinberg20:35.68Niles North
63Adam Latreille20:51.12Glenbrook South
64Colin Gillespie21:00.52Niles West
65Will Getz21:12.17Niles West
66Sheldon Shin22:33.79Niles West
67Andrew Iovescu22:58.75Niles West
68Josh Gorenyuk24:08.20Glenbrook South
69Jay Monga25:20.42Niles West
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Sophomore Results (3mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Walter GlocknerSo.16:41.09Maine South
2Adam ChristopherSo.17:08.97Maine South
3Sean BauerSo.17:31.89Maine South
4James KurtzweilSo.17:46.62Glenbrook South
5Luke BurkumSo.18:09.12Maine South
6Wade HerreraSo.18:56.32Glenbrook South
7Kasper GoralczykSo.19:02.70Niles North
8Umar ChaudhrySo.19:04.56Niles West
9John BresnahanSo.19:11.44Glenbrook South
10Daniel CudzichSo.19:15.86Niles West
11Luke FerriSo.19:39.09Niles North
12Ismail PatelSo.19:47.27Niles West
13Antonio MoraSo.19:55.65Maine South
14Jimmy CoyleSo.19:58.93Maine South
15Sumin ChoSo.20:10.99Glenbrook South
16Addy OtgontserenSo.20:26.25Glenbrook South
17Sam WestfallSo.20:33.50Glenbrook South
18Zachary ThompsonSo.20:54.86Niles West
19Omer NaveedSo.20:57.49Niles West
20Franky SmeriglioSo.21:00.47Maine South
21Armando AlvaradoSo.21:08.27Maine South
22Jonathan RandazzoSo.21:09.51Maine South
23Theo GikasSo.21:14.42Glenbrook South
24Christopher AtsavesSo.21:19.38Niles West
25Danny O'BrienSo.21:33.03SRGlenbrook South
26Charlie KuhnSo.21:39.36Glenbrook South
27Ritchie PalumboSo.21:50.54Maine South
28Matthew ChaeSo.22:04.10Niles North
29Jack WalshSo.22:05.06Maine South
30Ryan TeppermanSo.22:18.42Niles West
31Julian ZiresSo.22:24.16Maine South
32Eric ApplebaumSo.22:47.16Maine South
33Ali RaufiSo.22:59.03Niles West
34Niko KoupasSo.23:00.48Maine South
35Ty FossSo.23:02.23Maine South
36Ethan UmanaSo.23:04.70Niles North
37Joey SagmeisterSo.23:09.37Maine South
38Matt AichholzerSo.23:15.56Niles West
39Timothy BresnahanSo.23:16.22Maine South
40Jason AnnesSo.23:22.89Maine South
41ethan andemicaelSo.23:32.46Niles North
42Michael FilippiniSo.23:55.86Niles West
43Justin JayarajSo.23:56.17Niles West
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Freshmen Results (2mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Kyle KenmotsuFr.11:38.08Niles North
2Matt CoyleFr.11:40.03Maine South
3Mrugesh ThakorFr.11:53.13Glenbrook South
4Jacob KinzlerFr.11:54.00Glenbrook South
5Steven ReedFr.11:57.78Niles North
6matthew careyFr.11:59.68Niles West
7Bryan KurpiewskiFr.12:02.74PRGlenbrook South
8Ethan SuhFr.12:04.66Niles West
9Nahiyan ChowdhuryFr.12:08.15Niles North
10Dane BranstromFr.12:12.89Glenbrook South
11Benjamin KellyFr.12:17.57Niles West
12James ScottFr.12:18.84Glenbrook South
13Tyson AnthonyFr.12:19.84Glenbrook South
14Sloan AbramsFr.12:23.13Niles North
15Preston DavidsonFr.12:28.78Glenbrook South
16John McGivernFr.12:44.15Niles West
17Danny MurgesFr.12:52.43Maine South
18Zachary CheukFr.12:58.70Niles West
19Tyler SpenceFr.13:11.12Niles North
20Jonathan SpychalskiFr.13:14.90Maine South
21Syed Yaseen AliFr.13:22.00Niles North
22Izaac ShankFr.13:24.98Maine South
23Carter AdamsFr.13:27.58Glenbrook South
24Blake ParagesFr.13:29.50Maine South
25Andrew DonahueFr.14:00.15Glenbrook South
26Connor CostelloFr.14:18.73Maine South
27Cole BradyFr.14:29.97Glenbrook South
28Theodore ClarkeFr.14:34.47Niles West
29Evin JacobsFr.14:35.12Niles West
30Szymon SornatFr.14:39.24Maine South
31RayChristian FerrerFr.14:42.10Niles North
32Ebaad SiddiquiFr.15:01.22Niles West
33Henry ClarkFr.15:15.10Glenbrook South
34Muaaz PatelFr.16:20.52Niles West
35Rafael AbadFr.16:21.59Niles North
36Red ReyesFr.16:34.87Niles North
37Tirth PatelFr.16:43.95Niles North
38Daniel NassFr.17:15.50Glenbrook South
39Ahmad HashlamounFr.17:44.98Niles West
40Kunwar SinghFr.18:48.92Niles West
41Luke GregoryFr.19:01.57Glenbrook South
42Kyle SergelenFr.20:54.84SRGlenbrook South
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