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Buffalo Grove B.A.T.E. Invite

Saturday, April 13, 2019
Buffalo Grove High School

Running Alone at Buffalo Grove

The Titans have just got back from Buffalo Grove after a competitive day of racing. The Titans had a different lineup this week due to ACT testing, but stepped up to the challenge. Overall, the entire Glenbrook South Track Team scored as the #2 team overall, tied with New Trier. Comparing distance teams, the varsity team came in third and the frosh/soph team came in tied for fourth.

Will Kelly (Jr) and Brian Hiltebrand (Fr) both won their respective races by a large margin. Brian won the Frosh/Soph 1600m by a margin of 8 seconds, running a 4:43.05. Will won the Varsity 3200m also by a margin of 8 seconds, running a 9:45.88. Running alone is not easy, and both runners did an awesome job!

We get to add a runner to the sub-11 club in the 3200m run, with James Scott (So) running the distance in 10:55.14.

The Titans will run next this Wednesday at Niles North for the Dan Horyn Invite. Information will be posted soon.

Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


2New Trier137
3Glenbrook South97
4Crystal Lake South95
5Crystal Lake Central53
7Elk Grove32
8Belvidere North31
9Buffalo Grove23


1Glenbrook South114
3New Trier74
4Crystal Lake Central72
6Crystal Lake South29
7Belvidere North20
8Elk Grove4
9Buffalo Grove3

Distance Team Scores

Team scores only for Distance Events (ones featured on results tabs). This is an automated process, so results should be treated as-is.


1New Trier47
3Glenbrook South19
4Crystal Lake South15
5Belvidere North13
6Buffalo Grove13
8Crystal Lake Central4
9Elk Grove2


1New Trier44
3Glenbrook South24
4Crystal Lake Central20
6Buffalo Grove13
7Crystal Lake South7
8Belvidere North3
9Elk Grove1

Map & Directions


Photographer(s): Sam Westfall

Varsity Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Will KellyJr.9:45.88Glenbrook South2:272:232:282:28
2Nick FalkFr.9:53.96New Trier
3Patrick JamiesonFr.9:58.77New Trier
4Alex PicchiSo.10:18.40Crystal Lake South
5Grant WasielewskiJr.10:22.52Buffalo Grove
6Paul KhairallahSr.10:35.47Prospect
7J.T. BautistaSo.10:42.27Prospect
8Jordan LynchSr.10:46.83Glenbrook South2:392:432:442:40
9Steve BrownJr.11:04.14Belvidere North
10Brandon KriepkeSr.11:09.84Conant
11Aiden MassmanJr.11:12.30Belvidere North
12James BayusSr.11:17.34Elk Grove
13Gabe WazSr.11:26.62Crystal Lake South
14Trevor MaySr.11:28.85Crystal Lake Central
15Drew McGinnessSo.11:51.06Crystal Lake Central
16Charles PlettauJr.11:56.93Conant
17Carlos ZavalaSr.12:23.04Elk Grove
1Max BeutelJr.4:37.31Belvidere North
2JD ShellyJr.4:38.34New Trier
3Charlie SiebertSo.4:38.51New Trier
4Jack DechoudensSo.4:38.86Prospect
5Luke WenzelSr.4:41.17Buffalo Grove
6Thomas WalterJr.4:43.90Prospect
7James PreucilJr.4:53.93Conant
8Alex PicchiSo.4:56.12Crystal Lake South
9Ethan ParhamJr.4:57.48Conant
10Zander CasisJr.5:01.23Belvidere North
11Ethan BilodeauSr.5:02.27Elk Grove
12Austin MaySo.5:12.18Crystal Lake Central
13Wade HerreraJr.5:15.22Glenbrook South70.
14Gabe WazSr.5:33.79Crystal Lake South
1Erik SnellJr.1:59.43Prospect
2Jackson FlickJr.2:06.35New Trier
3Kendall MorrowSr.2:07.09Prospect
4Clayton PfeiferSr.2:08.14Crystal Lake South
5Christopher DavisJr.2:09.66Crystal Lake South
6Javier GuerreroSr.2:10.50Buffalo Grove
7Ricardo TorresSo.2:12.43Buffalo Grove
8Charlie ForbesSr.2:13.37New Trier
9Noah AndersonJr.2:15.13Belvidere North
10Joey PatronikSr.2:16.89Glenbrook South66.071.0
11Benjamin KvetonSr.2:18.10Elk Grove
12Giovani MendozaJr.2:18.97Belvidere North
13Kushin PatelJr.2:21.34Conant
14Brendan BurkeSr.2:33.22Conant
15Josh CasticJr.2:35.37Elk Grove
16Gerry BermudezJr.2:36.81PRGlenbrook South69.087.0
1Relay Team8:22.53New Trier
2Relay Team8:25.86Glenbrook South
Charlie SchultzSr.2:05.7Glenbrook South61.065.0
Joey PaulettoSr.2:08.6SRGlenbrook South63.065.0
Jason LeszynskiSr.2:08.9Glenbrook South60.069.0
Will HouserJr.2:02.5Glenbrook South60.063.0
3Relay Team8:27.82Prospect
4Relay Team8:35.71Conant
5Relay Team8:38.26Crystal Lake Central
6Relay Team8:40.17Belvidere North
7Relay Team8:45.82Elk Grove
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Frosh/Soph Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1George CahillFr.10:36.33New Trier
2Sean KuraFr.10:44.87Prospect
3Garrett CzajkowskiSo.10:47.30Crystal Lake South
4Lincoln CroweSo.10:50.72New Trier
5TJ GarlandFr.10:52.81Prospect
6James ScottSo.10:55.14PRGlenbrook South2:352:462:502:44
7Julian RyersonSo.11:13.63Crystal Lake Central
8William (Liam) SaluskiSo.11:28.72Elk Grove
9Thomas YooSo.11:29.97Conant
10Josh DiersenSr.11:43.55Crystal Lake South
11Evan LeeSo.11:48.94Conant
12Ryan AtkinsonSo.11:59.05Crystal Lake Central
13Brandon MassmanFr.12:28.31Belvidere North
14Brian AckermanFr.12:46.23Belvidere North
1Brian HiltebrandFr.4:43.05Glenbrook South66.
2Blake DegerFr.4:51.66New Trier
3Nicolas FrankSo.4:55.96Conant
4Tommy LandtSo.4:57.96Crystal Lake Central
5Malcolm WaiteFr.4:59.68New Trier
6Kosta SkoufosFr.5:00.21Prospect
7Antanas RishkoSo.5:05.48Prospect
8Garrett CzajkowskiSo.5:08.77Crystal Lake South
9Nick LenzenFr.5:11.30Belvidere North
10Carter AdamsSo.5:14.37PRGlenbrook South70.
11Riyen PatelSo.5:18.72Conant
12William (Liam) SaluskiSo.5:34.29Elk Grove
13Josh DiersenSr.5:40.21Crystal Lake South
14Reilly WheelandSo.5:40.52Crystal Lake Central
1Gavin KafkakisSo.2:08.20Prospect
2Nic SquillaciotiSo.2:13.30Prospect
3Jack MichelSo.2:19.01New Trier
4Matt FlickSo.2:21.98New Trier
5Sebastian ZimmerFr.2:22.31SRGlenbrook South67.075.0
6Dane BranstromSo.2:22.51Glenbrook South68.075.0
7Ethan GreenleaFr.2:28.49Crystal Lake Central
8Sam ReitenbachSo.2:28.87Crystal Lake Central
9Will HerrickSo.2:30.14Conant
10Bernard WatersFr.2:41.88Elk Grove
11Billy SanchezFr.2:57.60Belvidere North
1Relay Team9:01.01Crystal Lake Central
2Relay Team9:06.08Conant
3Relay Team9:13.98New Trier
4Relay Team9:20.61Prospect
5Relay Team9:21.10Glenbrook South
Matthew FinkelSo.2:18.3PRGlenbrook South65.073.0
Jayson StammFr.2:22.4Glenbrook South67.075.0
Lucas HouserFr.2:20.0Glenbrook South64.076.0
Tyson AnthonySo.2:20.5Glenbrook South67.073.0
6Relay Team9:57.97Belvidere North
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