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Friday, February 15, 2019
David Pasquini Fieldhouse

Meet Recap

Titans win the unscored meet after many great performances! Highlighted by the amazing impromptu 4x400 team with Will Kelly, Will Houser, James Kurtzweil, and Charlie Schultz. They ran a total of 1600 meters in a time of 3:51! Great performances by all Titans in the 4x800, 800, 1000, 1600, and 4x400! Get some rest and stay hydrated! #TWM #FamilyFirst #GoTitans

Team Scores


This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.



Open Results

1Relay Team9:09.3Hersey
2Relay Team9:13.8Hersey
3Relay Team9:30.0Palatine (Fremd)
4Relay Team9:55.3Glenbrook South
Jordan LynchSr.2:23.1Glenbrook South68.075.0
John BresnahanJr.2:28.9Glenbrook South71.079.0
Wade HerreraJr.2:24.9Glenbrook South70.075.0
Justin WronaJr.2.38.6Glenbrook South76.082.0
1Carter SchorrJr.2:04.5Mundelein
2Michael ParduhnSr.2:04.9Mundelein
3Eli MillerSr.2:05.0Loyola Academy
4Aidan AfonsoSr.2:09.3Mundelein
5Joey PaulettoSr.2:10.6Glenbrook South64.066.0
Sam WestfallJr.2:17.5Glenbrook South68.069.0
Theo GikasJr.2:22.2Glenbrook South69.073.0
Adrian CiszykJr.2:38.1Glenbrook South78.080.0
Gerry BermudezJr.2:39.2Glenbrook South76.083.0
Carter AdamsSo.2:27.7Glenbrook South71.076.0
Cole BradySo.2:49.0Glenbrook South78.091.0
Ricky EgenSo.2:56.1Glenbrook South81.095.0
Brett WittensteinFr.2:35.0Glenbrook South
Ethan HernandezFr.2:27.1Glenbrook South
Lucas HouserFr.2:23.3Glenbrook South70.073.0
Michael JervaFr.2:33.0Glenbrook South
Derek LentzFr.2:34.0Glenbrook South
Elie NassifFr.2:30.0Glenbrook South69.081.0
Matthew BurkeFr.3:07.0Glenbrook South
Jayson StammFr.2:31.0Glenbrook South70.081.0
Sebastian ZimmerFr.2:31.0Glenbrook South73.078.0
1Josh MethnerJr.2:43.2Hersey
2Ryan BuchSr.2:43.6Hersey
3Trevor WernerJr.2:43.7Mundelein
4Max SvientyJr.2:44.3Hersey
5Will KellyJr.2:45.0Glenbrook South
Charlie SchultzSr.2:47.0Glenbrook South
James KurtzweilJr.2:57.9Glenbrook South
Tyson AnthonySo.3:02.3Glenbrook South
Matthew FinkelSo.3:01.0Glenbrook South
Mrugesh ThakorSo.3:21.1Glenbrook South
1Dillon BlakeJr.4:38.3Mundelein
2Dario CarrilloSr.4:38.8Mundelein
3Will HouserJr.4:40.1Glenbrook South68.
4Eli MillerSr.4:45.4Loyola Academy
5Robert St. ClairSr.4:45.9Mundelein
Joey PatronikSr.5:12.7Glenbrook South73.
Dane BranstromSo.5:20.0Glenbrook South77.
Preston DavidsonSo.5:19.1Glenbrook South76.
Matt PenneFr.5:43.5Glenbrook South85.
Michael WestfallFr.5:29.2Glenbrook South76.