GBS Quad 2

Friday, February 21, 2020
David Pasquini Fieldhouse

Meet Recap

It was a night to remember in the David Pasquini Fieldhouse on Friday, February 21st with Glenbrook South, Fremd, Hersey, Loyola, and Mundelein in attendance. The Titan Distance team had many amazing performances, even with the athletes running their “off-event”.

In the 1000m event, only run once a year, Will Kelly narrowly edged Max Svienty of Hersey for second place, finishing at 2:41.9. Following Will were James Kurtzweil, Jayson Stamm, and Matthew Finkel. State Champion Josh Mether of Hersey finished first at 2:36.7.

Will Houser set fire to the David Pasquini Fieldhouse with his time of 4:28.1 in the 1600m! This performance currently ranks #3 in the State according to In addition, this performance is the fastest for a GBS Home Meet and just 0.8 seconds off the Indoor Varsity Record. This is a 3.25 second PR for Will, and it is only February.

Also in the 1600m, Michael Jerva ran a 5:03 after being boxed in, and Junior Cody Slutzky ran a 5:04 in his first race after the Swim season. Harrison Wollney returned to the 1600m with a 5:04 as well, right before Sam Westfall at 5:06.

Overall, this was an an amazing meet and a great showing of the potential for Titan Distance in 2020. There is less than a month until Indoor Conference!

Team Scores


This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.


Photographer: Preston Davidson and James Kurtzweil

Photographer: Mr. Jortberg

Open Results

1Relay Team8:40.5Loyola Academy
2Relay Team8:43.6Hersey
3Relay Team8:44.9Loyola Academy
4Relay Team9:00.0Loyola Academy
5Relay Team9:06.1Hersey
Relay Team9:20.4Glenbrook South
Mrugesh ThakorJr.2:11.7Glenbrook South63.068.0
Preston DavidsonJr.2:18.3Glenbrook South66.072.0
Wade HerreraSr.2:22.0Glenbrook South66.076.0
Justin WronaSr.2:28.4Glenbrook South70.078.0
Relay Team9:50.2Glenbrook South
Elie NassifSo.2:19.8Glenbrook South64.075.0
Ethan HernandezSo.2:26.1Glenbrook South
Derek LentzSo.2:29.1Glenbrook South
Matthew KloneckiSo.2:35.2Glenbrook South
Relay Team10:11.7Glenbrook South
Cole BradyJr.2:29.3Glenbrook South68.081.0
Jack ClearySo.2:22.9Glenbrook South68.074.0
Sanjeev GorlaFr.2:34.7Glenbrook South70.084.0
Jonathan JosephSo.2:44.8Glenbrook South78.082.0
1Josh MethnerSr.2:37.0Hersey
2Will KellySr.2:41.9Glenbrook South
3Max SvientySr.2:41.9Hersey
4Colin SaffordSr.2:44.8Hersey
5James KurtzweilSr.2:53.3Glenbrook South
Jayson StammSo.2:55.0Glenbrook South
Matthew FinkelJr.2:58.0Glenbrook South
John BresnahanSr.3:06.0Glenbrook South
Jacob BaimSo.3:16.0Glenbrook South
Issac AbrahamSo.3:19.0Glenbrook South
Will PattonSo.3:42.0Glenbrook South
Ossey PaulSo.3:57.0Glenbrook South
1Will HouserSr.4:28.3Glenbrook South64.
2Jack GarrigusJr.4:51.6Loyola Academy
3Harry Wood PrinceSo.4:51.9Loyola Academy
4Michael SolmosJr.4:53.8Loyola Academy
5Sean SaffordSo.4:52.9Hersey
Michael JervaSo.5:03.0Glenbrook South72.0
Cody SlutzkyJr.5:04.0Glenbrook South72.
Harrison WollneyJr.5:04.0Glenbrook South72.0
Sam WestfallSr.5:06.0Glenbrook South72.
Matthew PenneSo.5:11.0Glenbrook South74.0
Brett WittensteinSo.5:12.0Glenbrook South73.0
Carter AdamsJr.5:15.0Glenbrook South74.0
James SocttJr.5:20.0Glenbrook South73.0
Lucas HouserSo.5:21.0Glenbrook South74.0
Theo GikasSr.5:26.0Glenbrook South75.0
Sully RichardsFr.5:31.0Glenbrook South
John Paul PhilbrickSo.5:35.0Glenbrook South77.0
James HiltebrandFr.5:38.0Glenbrook South81.0
Danny GemignaniSr.5:48.0Glenbrook South80.0
Andy Carrillo-PereaFr.5:52.0Glenbrook South
Jayden YumFr.5:52.0Glenbrook South
Danny DonnellyJr.5:55.0Glenbrook South
Andrew YoonFr.6:12.0Glenbrook South
Ricky EgenSo.6:13.0Glenbrook South
1Relay Team3:50.6Hersey
2Relay Team3:51.4Loyola Academy
3Relay Team3:53.7Loyola Academy
4Relay Team3:54.5Loyola Academy
5Relay Team4:56.8Glenbrook South
Relay Team4:09.4Glenbrook South
Jayson Stamm60.3Glenbrook South
James Kurtzweil59.8Glenbrook South
John Bresnahan63.1Glenbrook South
Theo Gikas65.2Glenbrook South
Relay Team4:09.4Glenbrook South
Mrugesh Thakor59.1Glenbrook South
Wade Herrera62.1Glenbrook South
Justin Wrona62.6Glenbrook South
Danny Gemignani65.6Glenbrook South
Relay Team4:14.3Glenbrook South
Elie Nassif61.4Glenbrook South
Ethan Hernandez65.0Glenbrook South
Derek Lentz63.5Glenbrook South
Matthew Penne64.4Glenbrook South
Relay Team4:40.0Glenbrook South
Jacob Baim65.0Glenbrook South
Issac Abraham69.0Glenbrook South
Matthew Klonecki69.0Glenbrook South
Will Patton77.0Glenbrook South
Relay Team4:41.0Glenbrook South
Cole Brady66.0Glenbrook South
Jack Cleary65.0Glenbrook South
Sanjeev Gorla68.0Glenbrook South
Jonathan Joseph72.0Glenbrook South