GBS Quad 1

Friday, February 14, 2020
David Pasquini Fieldhouse

Meet Recap

The first competition of the year is in the books! The Titans competed against Niles North, Dundee-Crown, Lakes Community, and Loyola Academy at home in the David Pasquini Fieldhouse. There was a great showing by all athletes who were ready to compete!

Already, eight athletes achieved a performance that matched or beat their top performances from last track season: Mrugesh Thakor, Michael Jerva, Jayson Stamm, Michael Westfall, Brett Wittenstein, Jack Cleary, Justin Wrona, and Jonathan Joseph. Will Kelly and Will Houser both had Top-10 Performances for GBS Athletes in the David Pasquini Fieldhouse, with Houser finishing the 800m in 2:02.0 and Will Kelly finishing the 1600m in 4:35.9. Many athletes achieved their SMART goal that they set for the week in their events. New for the 2020 Track season, goals will be set and written each week by the athletes.

The Titans compete again next Friday (2/21) at the David Pasquini Fieldhouse against Fremd, Hersey, Mundelein, and Loyola.

Team Scores


This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.


Photographer: Jayson Stamm and James Kurtzweil

Open Results

1Relay Team9:07.7Lakes Community
2Relay Team9:15.7Dundee-Crown
3Relay Team9:17.5Niles North
4Relay Team9:31.5Dundee-Crown
5Relay Team9:35.8Glenbrook South
Matthew FinkelJr.2:19.5Glenbrook South66.073.5
James ScottJr.2:23.4Glenbrook South68.075.4
Preston DavidsonJr.2:26.5Glenbrook South
Carter AdamsJr.2:26.5Glenbrook South
Relay Team10:20.9Glenbrook South
Sully RichardsFr.2:31.1Glenbrook South69.082.0
James HiltebrandFr.2:34.4Glenbrook South71.083.0
Jayden YumFr.2:36.8Glenbrook South73.083.0
Andy Carrillo-PereaFr.2:38.6Glenbrook South75.083.0
1Will HouserSr.2:02.0Glenbrook South62.060.0
2Jack GarrigusJr.2:09.0Loyola Academy
3Michael JervaSo.2:11.0Glenbrook South65.066.0
4Leo BrettSr.2:12.0Loyola Academy
5Alexander OwensSr.2:14.0Loyola Academy
Harrison WollneyJr.2:17.0Glenbrook South
Lucas HouserSo.2:17.0Glenbrook South67.070.0
Michael WestfallSo.2:18.0Glenbrook South
Sam WestfallSr.2:20.0Glenbrook South
Matthew PenneSo.2:20.0Glenbrook South
Brett WittensteinSo.2:21.0Glenbrook South
Theo GikasSr.2:25.0Glenbrook South
John Paul PhilbrickSo.2:33.0Glenbrook South
Danny GemgnaniSr.2:35.0Glenbrook South
Andrew YoonFr.2:51.0Glenbrook South
1Will KellySr.4:35.9Glenbrook South70.
2Mrugesh ThakorJr.4:47.0Glenbrook South71.
3Jack GarrigusJr.4:50.8Loyola Academy
4Harry Wood PrinceSo.4:53.0Loyola Academy
5Alexander OwensJr.4:53.0Loyola Academy
James KurtzweilSr.4:53.9Glenbrook South71.
Jayson StammSo.4:56.0Glenbrook South
Sebastain ZimmerSo.5:08.0Glenbrook South
Elie NassifSo.5:09.0Glenbrook South
John BresnahanSr.5:12.0Glenbrook South75.
Wade HerreraSr.5:22.0Glenbrook South75.
Ethan HernandezSo.5:29.0Glenbrook South
Derek LentzSo.5:33.0Glenbrook South
Jack ClearySo.5:35.0Glenbrook South
Matthew KloneckiSo.5:37.0Glenbrook South
Justin WronaSr.5:39.0Glenbrook South
Jacob BaimSo.5:43.0Glenbrook South
Issac AbrahamSo.5:48.0Glenbrook South
Jonathan JosephSo.6:04.0Glenbrook South
Will PattonSo.6:09.0Glenbrook South
Ossey PaulSo.7:02.0Glenbrook South
1Relay Team3:51.0Lakes Community
2Relay Team3:55.0Niles North
3Relay Team3:57.0Glenbrook South
Sam Westfall60.2Glenbrook South
Harrison Wollney58.5Glenbrook South
James Scott63.6Glenbrook South
Will Houser54.7Glenbrook South
4Relay Team3:59.0Loyola Academy
5Relay Team4:23.0Niles North
Relay Team4:08.1Glenbrook South
Matthew Finkel60.3Glenbrook South
Dane Branstrom60.6Glenbrook South
Preston Davidson64.0Glenbrook South
Carter Adams63.2Glenbrook South
Relay Team4:41.0Glenbrook South
Sully Richards67.0Glenbrook South
James Hiltebrand65.9Glenbrook South
Jayden Yum70.7Glenbrook South
Andy Carrillo-Perea77.4Glenbrook South
Relay Team4:03.6Glenbrook South
Michael Westfall60.7Glenbrook South
Lucas Houser62.1Glenbrook South
Brett Wittenstein63.0Glenbrook South
Michael Jerva57.8Glenbrook South