Meet Recap

Will Houser, Will Kelly, and Brian Hiltebrand have just returned from Palatine High School after competing at the Distance Night in Palatine 2019, and man did they run. Not only did they finish the race, but they finished fast. They all achieved their personal bests!

Brian Hiltebrand (Fr) ran first in the Freshman 1600m run. This race featured the top freshmen runners in Illinois and Brian finished in fourth place, running it in 4:34.20. Brian, once again, has set another record. Brian is now the record holder of the Freshmen 1600m Outdoor and Indoor records and Freshmen 800m Outdoor and Indoor records. His finish improved his 1600m time by 5 seconds.

Will Kelly (Jr) continues to dominate the 3200m run. He improved his 3200m time by 9 seconds, with his finish clocked at 9:34.40! Will is now only 5 seconds away from achieving the 3200m Varsity Outdoor record, held since 1984 by Greg Harper (9:29.6)!

Will Houser (Jr) is still the fastest distance runner. He improved his 800m time by 1.54 seconds, clocking in at 1:58.19! Will won his heat after being seeded eleventh! Will is 2.9 seconds behind the 800m Varsity Outdoor record, set by Sam Stanek in 2012 (1:55.29). After winning his heat, RunnerSpace interviewed him, which you can find here.

I don’t feel like this post does justice the achievements of these runners today. We are so excited to see how they will cap off the season and carry into Cross Country! It truly was incredible and The Best Day in the History of (Est. Feb).

Next week, we have a variety of meets. On Tuesday, our Frosh/Soph team will travel to New Trier to compete in the Trevian Frosh/Soph Invitational and the JV team will compete at home. On Friday, the varsity team will compete in the Spartan Relays at Glenbrook North.

Team Scores


This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.


This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.



Freshmen Results

1Ryder JamesFr.4:30.28P.-Buckley-Loda
2Luke WileyFr.4:31.17Warren Township
3Wilson GeorgesFr.4:33.12Limestone
4Brian HiltebrandFr.4:34.20Glenbrook South78.
5Harry Wood PrinceFr.4:34.42Latin
6Connor OilerFr.4:35.29Hersey
7Nathan JorgensenFr.4:36.06Lake Park
8Nick FalkFr.4:36.64New Trier
9Patrick McClanahanFr.4:37.88Palatine
10Colby RevordFr.4:38.80Hinsdale Central
11Patrick JamiesonFr.4:39.19New Trier
12Kyle NofzigerFr.4:39.27Mahomet-Seymour
13Eric LakemakerFr.4:45.44Deerfield
14Jackson GeigerFr.4:48.84York
15Eric RutherfordFr.4:49.65York
16Thomas O'SullivanFr.4:50.34Palatine

Varsity Results

1Andrew O'KeefeSr.4:08.98Granite City
2Drew BosleySr.4:09.02Homestead
3Thomas ShilgalisSr.4:09.63Naperville Central
4Carter CheesemanSr.4:10.14Fort Worth Christian
5Zach AlbrechtSr.4:10.16Jacobs
6Rowen EllenbergSr.4:11.00Kimberly
7Brett GardnerJr.4:11.44Lincoln-Way East
8Caleb EastonSr.4:13.78Middleton
9Sean MaisonSr.4:14.67Wheaton Warrenville South
10Rory CavanSr.4:15.29Glenbard West
11Charlie SmithJr.4:15.47Antioch
12Daniel ChenSr.4:15.80Illinois Math and Science Academy
13Matthew MeinkeSr.4:16.06Neenah
14Jadon ConroySr.4:17.19Huntley
15Ben RosaJr.4:19.05Lake Forest
16Christopher ColletSr.4:19.86Seneca
17Andrew EnglertSr.4:20.44Lincoln-Way Central
18Andrew PahnkeSr.4:21.27McFarland
19Eli DyerSr.4:22.27Whitefish Bay
20Joey KaschJr.4:22.31Maine South
21Matt KusakSr.4:23.07Hinsdale Central
22Negus BogardJr.4:23.11Robinson
23Drew DilcherSr.4:23.41Lyons Township
24Connor RissSr.4:23.52Grayslake North
25Jay DworakSo.4:23.92Joliet Central
26Christian KnowltonSr.4:23.96Plainfield South
27Zachary LeffelJr.4:24.09Middleton
28John WallsSr.4:25.03St. Ignatius College Prep
29Gavin KuhlenbeckJr.4:25.35Hamilton
30Dathan MatonSr.4:25.71Glenwood
31David VannucchiSr.4:26.50Luther
32Jacob MyersSo.4:26.70Lake Zurich
33Carter McCarrollJr.4:26.85Hinsdale Central
34Jake LepakJr.4:27.46Stevens Point
35Jonathan StiglicSr.4:28.13Lincoln-Way West
36Noah McIntyreJr.4:28.51Athens
37Greg Van HollenSr.4:28.53Barrington
38A.J. FundatorSr.4:28.60Jones
39Justin SplittJr.4:28.77Grant
40Bradley BrodskySr.4:29.24Deerfield
41Drey MatonSr.4:29.43Glenwood
42Aidan AfonsoSr.4:29.43Mundelein
43Michael HendricksonSr.4:29.90Barrington
44Dan SpellmanSr.4:30.23Brother Rice
45Tyler KistingSr.4:30.31Oak Creek
46Matt CullSo.4:43.72Maine South
1Riley WellsSr.1:55.50Rockford Christian
2Aaron LeversonSr.1:55.97Janesville Craig
3Michael ParduhnSr.1:56.76Mundelein
4Grant JensenSr.1:57.30Prairie Ridge
5Braedon GillesJr.1:57.59Middleton
6Ethan BakerSr.1:57.94Prairie Ridge
7Jeremy RoeSr.1:58.02Huntley
8Dawson RogersSr.1:58.05Salt Fork
9Will HouserJr.1:58.19Glenbrook South59.059.0
10Noah FriskeSr.1:58.21Rockford East
11Seth Klein-CollinsSr.1:58.36Naperville Central
12Patrick FurlongJr.1:58.57Barrington
13Aidan DonohueJr.1:58.80DeKalb
14Ryan PotterSr.1:58.80Oak Creek
15Charles ClaryJr.1:58.92Beacon Academy
16Adam KriesSr.1:58.93Burlington Central
17Michael VarzinoSr.1:58.98Metea Valley
18Kembre DanielJr.1:59.15Lincoln Park
19Piyush MeklaSo.1:59.18Hinsdale Central
20Keoni EnglishSr.1:59.28Marmion Academy
21Dario CarrilloSr.1:59.37Mundelein
22Bryan HollandSr.1:59.46Warren Township
23Jalen RobinsonSr.1:59.50Homewood-Flossmoor
24Jay PatelSr.1:59.54Niles North
25Talon KnaufJr.1:59.78Lakes Community
26Jorge CoronaSr.1:59.80Palatine
27Aaron SarkarJr.1:59.97Barrington
28Patrick JulianJr.1:59.97Naperville Central
29Chris SimekSr.2:00.20Huntley
30Brent BrunnerSr.2:00.46Rockford Christian
31Chad FranzSr.2:00.94Stevens Point
32Ryan BuchSr.2:00.99Hersey
33Aaron BensonSr.2:01.42Naperville Central
34Jonah GarciaJr.2:01.53Auburn
35Timmy WadeSr.2:02.65Plainfield South
36Payton BorichSr.2:11.13Urbana
1Jared KreisJr.09:02.47Lincoln-Way Central
2Josh MethnerJr.09:02.54Hersey
3Mathias PowellSr.09:03.51Mahomet-Seymour
4Tommy BradySr.09:07.81Maine South
5Ian GeislerJr.09:08.25Huntley
6Adam RzentkowskiSr.09:08.81Rosholt
7Samuel RiveraSr.09:09.44Whitney Young
8Garrett DixonSr.09:11.45Monticello
9Nick DoudSr.09:12.57Bloomington
10Nathan SchmittJr.09:12.95Lake Forest
11Max LoetscherSr.09:14.35Madison East
12Charlie WetzelJr.09:14.44Normal Community West
13Dillon BlakeJr.09:17.18Mundelein
14Stephen MoodySr.09:18.33Glenbard West
15Guillermo IbarraJr.09:22.27J. Sterling Morton Township
16Dawson SmithJr.09:25.64Rock Falls
17Erik SnellJr.09:26.34Prospect
18Thomas LeonardJr.09:27.54Marist
19Ryan BonfiglioSr.09:28.21Lyons Township
20Connor ZydekSr.09:28.60Wheaton North
21Anthony MaidaJr.09:28.74Jones
22Jonathan GoetschSr.09:29.26Plainfield Central
23Jason PolydorisSo.09:29.95Highland Park
24Charlie NevinsSr.09:30.35Whitney Young
25Max SvientyJr.09:31.05Hersey
26Ford BakerSr.09:31.07New Trier
27Jack GilboySo.09:33.19Lake Zurich
28Ian SpearsSr.09:33.48Maine South
29Will KellyJr.09:34.40Glenbrook South2:232:232:252:23
30Richie JacoboJr.09:38.31Palatine
31Owen HaysSo.09:38.34Lyons Township
32Caelin FoleySr.09:39.14Galva-Mid County
33Jack McCowinSr.09:39.56Naperville Central
34Charlie ForbesSr.09:41.60New Trier
35Arthur GrahamSo.09:42.86Naperville Central
36Joe AhlgrimSr.09:43.19Palatine
37Robert St. ClairSr.09:51.18Mundelein
38Blake BolesSr.10:18.89Brookfield Central