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Friday, March 08, 2019
David Pasquini Fieldhouse

Meet Recap

Titan Distance has finished its last home meet last Friday, and their were many great improvements all around. 21 Titans acheived a personal record! Next week is CSL Indoor Week, with opportunities for some of our runners to compete against other Central Suburban League schools. Be alert for another post about that in the near future. In addition, we would like to congratulate our three Titan Distance runners who were voted to be our captains this year: Charlie Schultz, Joey Pauletto, and Joey Patronik.

Some Highlights:

Justin Wrona (Jr) and Jack Cleary (Fr) had the most improvement in the 1600m run, with Justin improving by 36 seconds to a time of 5:40, and Jack improving by 34 seconds to 5:47.

Matt Penne (Fr) had the most improvement in the 800m run, improving 8 seconds and now running a 2:27.

Team Scores


This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.


Photographer: Many!

Open Results

1Griffin PashaSo.2:05.9Warren Township
2Charlie SchultzSr.2:06.5Glenbrook South63.064.0
3Sam WestfallJr.2:13.5Glenbrook South66.067.0
4Joey PatronikSr.2:18.1Glenbrook South67.071.0
5Matthew FinkelSo.2:18.5Glenbrook South67.071.0
Theo GikasJr.2:19.0Glenbrook South68.071.0
Tyson AnthonySo.2:19.0Glenbrook South68.071.0
Michael JervaFr.2:21.4Glenbrook South69.072.0
Matt PenneFr.2:27.0Glenbrook South71.076.0
Derek LentzFr.2:28.0Glenbrook South72.076.0
Ethan HernandezFr.2:32.0Glenbrook South75.077.0
Cole BradySo.2:41.0Glenbrook South76.085.0
Aditya BhallaSr.2:44.0Glenbrook South79.085.0
Jonathan JosephFr.3:08.0Glenbrook South89.099.0
1Luke WileyFr.4:47.3Warren Township
2Joey PaulettoSr.4:48.5Glenbrook South68.
3James KurtzweilSo.5:00.1Glenbrook South69.
4Bryan MartinezSo.5:02.5Wheeling
5Carlos VillaSo.5:12.6Warren Township
John BresnehanJr.5:13.0Glenbrook South74.
Wade HererraJr.5:13.0Glenbrook South73.
Jordan LynchSr.5:14.0Glenbrook South76.
Preston DavidsonSo.5:16.0Glenbrook South74.
Carter AdamsSo.5:19.0Glenbrook South74.
James ScottSo.5:22.0Glenbrook South74.
Mrugesh ThakorSo.5:31.0Glenbrook South76.
Justin WronaJr.5:40.0Glenbrook South76.
Jacob BaimFr.5:42.0Glenbrook South77.
John Paul PhilbrickFr.5:46.0Glenbrook South77.
Jack ClearyFr.5:47.0Glenbrook South77.
Robert HartsigFr.5:54.0Glenbrook South80.
Ricky EgenSo.6:37.0Glenbrook South88.0102.0106.0101.0