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Thursday, February 28, 2019
David Pasquini Fieldhouse

Meet Recap

On Thursday, 37 Titan Distance athletes competed at the 3rd Indoor Home Meet. 37 of those athletes had a season record. It’s a great day to be a Titan after performances like that! The next indoor meet is the last one of the season Next Friday, March 8.

Some Highlights:

Brian Hiltebrand (Fr) set the freshman indoor track 800m record with a time of 2:09.2. The record was last set by John Grant in 2003. Fresh out of the basketball season, Brian has been apart of two freshman records in the three races he has run! We are looking forward to Brian’s future!

Will Kelly (Jr) set the fieldhouse 3200m record with a time of 9:43.7. The record was last set by Glazier from Highland Park in 2017. Will is running amazingly this year, continuing to set his personal records week after week.

Jack Cleary (Fr) made the largest jump in performance points, jumping up 130 points with his 2:31 in the 800m.

Team Scores


This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.


Photographer: Many!

Open Results

1Jose ReyesSr.2:07.3Highland Park
2Brian HiltebrandFr.2:09.2Glenbrook South64.065.0
3Joey PaulettoSr.2:09.3Glenbrook South64.065.0
4Shevin2:11.3Glenbrook North
5Max MarquezSr.2:12.0Glenbrook North
Jason LesynskiSr.2:13.0Glenbrook South63.070.0
Preston DavidsonSo.2:23.3Glenbrook South69.074.0
James ScottSo.2:25.5Glenbrook South69.076.0
Jacob BaimFr.2:30.0Glenbrook South71.079.0
Jack ClearyFr.2:31.1Glenbrook South71.080.0
1Will HouserJr.4:36.3Glenbrook South63.
2James PreucilJr.4:46.0Conant
3Charlie SchultzSr.4:50.1Glenbrook South67.
4Cruz4:54.5Glenbrook North
5Corey FairchildJr.4:56.5Highland Park
Sam WestfallJr.5:03.0Glenbrook South73.
Joey PatronikSr.5:03.0Glenbrook South72.
Wade HerreraJr.5:05.0Glenbrook South73.
Theo GikasJr.5:14.0Glenbrook South73.
Tyson AnthonySo.5:15.0Glenbrook South73.
Michael JervaFr.5:33.0Glenbrook South78.
Ethan HernandezFr.5:44.0Glenbrook South82.
Derek LentzFr.5:45.0Glenbrook South79.
Gerry BermudezJr.5:48.0Glenbrook South80.
Cole BradySo.5:54.0Glenbrook South82.
Adrian CiszykJr.5:56.0Glenbrook South83.
Aditya BhallaSr.6:15.0Glenbrook South83.094.098.0100.0
1Will KellyJr.09:43.2Glenbrook South2:212:292:272:25
2Jason PolydorisSo.09:54.9Highland Park
3Nick RedstoneSo.10:36.8Glenbrook North
4James KurtzweilSo.10:37.0Glenbrook South2:302:412:432:43
5Ethan ParhamJr.10:40.0Conant
Jordan LynchSr.10:41.0Glenbrook South2:362:432:442:38
Matthew FinkelSo.11:04.0Glenbrook South2:382:492:512:46
John BresnahanJr.11:05.0Glenbrook South2:422:452:522:46
Michael WestfallFr.11:40.0Glenbrook South
Sebastian ZimmerFr.11:40.0Glenbrook South
Luke HouserFr.11:44.0Glenbrook South
Carter AdamsSo.11:59.0Glenbrook South
Mrugesh ThakorSo.11:52.0Glenbrook South
Elie NassifFr.11:34.0Glenbrook South
Jayson StammFr.11:35.0Glenbrook South
Matthew PenneFr.12:23.0Glenbrook South
John Paul PhilbrickFr.12:34.0Glenbrook South
Justin WronaJr.12:43.0Glenbrook South
Brett WittensteinFr.12:45.0Glenbrook South
1Relay Team3:44.9Glenbrook South
Will HouserJr.55.6Glenbrook South
Brian HiltebrandFr.56.2Glenbrook South
Jason LeszynskiSr.57.1Glenbrook South
2Relay Team3:48.5Glenbrook North
3Relay Team3:51.1Highland Park
4Relay Team4:01.3Highland Park
5Relay Team4:01.4Conant