Titan Distance Workouts

*All workouts are weather pending and may change at any time.

Mileage includes warmups, cooldowns, and strides. All warmups are 1 mile unless otherwise stated.

Today's Workout

3.25 miles w/ strides and relay exchanges

Tomorrow's Workout

4.25 miles (Mileage dependent on athlete)

This Week

Weekday (Date) Mileage (km) Workout
Sunday (2/16)3-10 (4.8)OYO(mileage dependent on athlete)
Monday (2/17)8.5 (13.7)OYOLong Run
Tuesday (2/18)6.9 (11.1)Techny Loopw/ 5 strides
Wednesday (2/19)5.0 (8)Miller LoopFartlek w/ 1m cd & circuit and core training
Thursday (2/20)3.25 (5.2)Crestwoodw/ strides and relay exchanges
Friday (2/21)4.25 (6.8)MEET DAY(Mileage dependent on athlete)
Saturday (2/22)3-10 (4.8)OYO(Mileage dependent on athlete)
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